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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Travelling 101 with dummy me

Nothing is both as rewarding and tiring as travelling to places you have never been before. The feeling of wanting to find the place that could cater you the most and the fear of facing the unwanted situations. From when to book everything for the best deals to how to travel like a local, these things you shouldn't miss. There were few things I managed to adopt during my solo journey to the UK and Europe. Oh how I miss the freedom I had. It felt like I owned all the time in the world and every steps I took was another experience I learnt. Travelling all by yourself might seem daunting at first, but that is when you have the chance to really immerse yourself with the places you go and the different cultures you see. I've met people from different sides of the world, learnt differences in cultures and had amazing experiences by travelling on my own. I don't want to sound arrogant but I would prefer to travel alone again, someday. So I came out with my own dummy list of what and how to nail a solo trip:

  • Always travel with your hoodie
You might think it is less important than the rest but you never know how it could save your life (maybe a bit too exaggerating but really, bring at least one).

  • Be bold
Never hesitate to follow hunch when going to places. It's okay to take into account of all the possible risks but that doesn't mean it should stop you from getting to the place you want. Beat that uncertainty with the courage and the curiosity you have, then you won't believe the places you can actually travel to.

  • Never stop asking
In dealing with strange places, places you are not familiar with, never ever think you can handle the place on your own. Be mindful that you are not in your comfort zone and these people won't help you if you yourself don't make the effort to reach these people for help. I reminded myself so many times during my trip to always ask people around me for directions and for recommendations Alhamdulillah I covered all places I wanted to go with minor difficulties.

  • Keep extra cash hidden
Never keep your money stash all in one place. Segregate your cash in different bags or if possible use your shoes to hide your money. In case of emergency, you won't  be left cashless. Remember to activate your international visa for travelling as it could help you in case you have insufficient cash. On top of all, hide your money where they are conceal from the public knowledge. Places people would never think of (perv meme). 

  • Roll your clothes
Yes! Roll your clothes instead of fold them. You'll be surprised with the bigger space you can have in your luggage. Squeeze all your things in between the  clothes. By doing that, you'll only need one bag to fit all your necessaries. 

  • Use transparent plastic bag
When travelling via airplane, not to say compulsory but preferably to put all your liquids in a transparent plastic bag. It will help you to get smoother transit from the security to the waiting room. You don't want to be delayed for not passing through the security checkpoint simply because of bringing your deodorant. 

  • Utilize your time wisely
Start your day as early as the sunrise. You'll find your time insufficient if you waste it in your bed. Different places have different timings. Follow the local time and you shall not wake up in the middle of others' sleeping time. Go out, explore the places early and spend the whole day out from your room. Only go back when the clock hits the night time. That's how you beat the jet lag. I can confidently say that, not once I had trouble sleeping when I was on my solo trip. I went out the same time everyone was out for work and I got back before it was dark. 

  • Paranoid kills
Be wary of the strangers but never let your paranoia gets in you. If you let that uneasy feelings linger in your head, it won't help you to travel safely. Instead, it will only low you down and gets you no where. Aware of your surroundings and walk confidently, if possible, act like a local. Never show the wondering face and never use an obvious map when you're alone. The chances of getting cheated is higher.

Well, I've listed maybe not all but most of the travelling tips I could recall. I hope these tips can be applied and helpful to everyone who plans to go for their first solo trip. Last but not least, never defer when the urge of travelling suddenly hits you. Start saving, put aside extra cash for the plan and InsyaAllah, you'll make it. Share me some tips I might not know here! 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Guilty as charged

I am guilty of ignoring the kindness that are given to me by some people. I am guilty of not giving chance for anyone to get to know me. I am guilty of being a heartless asshole. Call me whatever you want. Judge me as much as you want. But I know what I've been through before I met all of these people. I've been through experiences that taught me to be on my own and to become an independent person. I refuse to show my weakness and I refuse to let anyone takes advantage on me. I've been called heartless for so many times by so many people. I honesty think I am too. People are quick to judge things they don't understand or things they never knew before. I won't blame them for that because I am like that too. Its my fault too for not sharing whatever in my mind with anyone. But that's just me try to deal with myself. I won't complain things people do to me as I know I did the same too. As a person, I can be utterly useless as I don't contribute as much as I should as a friend, a daughter and a company. I can be extremely talkative and the opposite character as how and when I want to. I am very selective with people I hangout with or talk to. I don't mind smiling to stranger but preferably to walk with my head down to avoid any unneeded eye contact. I can be very sensitive to random things I cant name of. Things I don't expect that can touch my heart but you'll see me holding my breath trying not to fall on my knee.  I've been caught off guard by many unexpected situation. Even little things can suddenly trigger my emotion. I be fully incapable of showing any expression despite of whatever situations. You can never tell when I'm sad or when I'm happy. I can do that and I've done that too many times that people can barely tell what's going on my head. I don't understand myself either. I've been told not to build my wall too high but I am out of control. Maybe someday, somewhere, someone would be able to break my defence and only then we'll know the true colour of me. As for now, I'll carry on my own life and will try to make the best out of it. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Out of my comfort zone

Just few days ago, I got back from my 3 week trip to London-Amsterdam-Liverpool-Manchester-Sheffield. It was not a random one tho. With all the expenses, I wouldn't say it was a budget trip considering ringgit condition and the economy crisis we are facing. However, since I have bought the flight ticket by months early, I couldn't simply cancel the trip. This is what I have been wanting to do since I knew the joy of discovering new places and meeting new people. Unlike any other vacations, this time I took self challenge to break free from my comfort zone and went travelling alone during the whole journey. I must say it took a lot of courage and self-trust to travel on my own to a place out of Malaysia, the place I am not familiar with and surrounded with strangers. 

The main reason I chose UK as my inaugural solo trip was because of the language. I wouldn't want to stuck in a strange country alone because of the language barrier. Clearly Londoners speak British English which is the same language we learn in schools. By speaking the same language it helped me to minimize the chances of becoming victim of any fraud or getting lost. True enough, it was easy to travel around London, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield as the people were very helpful and the directions were clearly understandable. The public transportation were superb and very useful for the convenience of travelers both local and tourist. As I was travelling alone, it was a lot easier and cheaper to travel by the buses, tubes and the trains. Not to say cheap but cheaper compared to taxis and rented car. I managed to figure out the tubes and buses system in London within a day of my arrival. I forced my self to learn and remember the nearest bus/tube stations and which bus/tube leads where, to avoid getting lost and causing my time and travelling plan. Oh ! City mappers, phone app, helped me a lot throughout my trip in London. Saved me a lot of my time getting from one place to another. It turned me into a Londoner in one click ! 

Day One :

By the time I landed in Heathrow Airport, it was very early in the morning, 0515, and the whole airport process took me around 2 hours to get my bag, pass the security and the customs. They sure asked me a lot from why I was there alone to the point I had to explain my whole 3 week travelling plan. Well I guess that's what they do to first timer huh. Then I continued my journey to my rented place before I left the house for first tour in London. Luckily I did not experience any symptoms of jet lag as my sleeping time in Malaysia was already crooked. I wasted no time and the first thing I went to was the London Bridge. Already overwhelmed  with the view, I walked along River Thames and enjoyed few street performances. Done walking, I took a ride on their London Hop On Hop Off bus and discovered more places that I then added into my checklist. Basically my first day was more to discover the places I need to go in London and to learn the basic London live.

Day Two :

Woke up with cold hands and nose due to the cold weather (12ยบ)  which I am not used to and there was no place to hide since I was already fully covered with blankets and socks. Went to the kitchen and made hot tea as breakfast and muffins courtesy of the host. Felt much better after the hot shower and was ready to go out at 1100. On the second day, I took the underground to Oxford street and walked all the way to Piccadilly Circus in which covered Bond Street and Soho Square as well. Thanks to the weather, I didn't sweat nor did I feel dehydrated. In fact, it felt so refreshing to walk long distance across so many beautiful buildings and views. I enjoyed every moment and every view my eye landed on.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bros over...

Nothing matters the most than the people you are surrounded with. It is important to know who to keep and who to let go in life. I've met many kinds of people which taught me so many things throughout the knowing process. There were bad ones and good ones. I learnt to embrace both kindness and evil in people I've associated with. Most importantly, knowing these people made me realized that people aren't always who they are based on what they wear but instead you'll know people better by communicate and see based on the words that came out of their mouth. You'll never know how a person is until you sit in the same table and make jokes together. I am always the talkative one compared to other people. But I am very selective with the person I talk to in any crowd because I can talk to anyone but I choose not to since I prefer smaller crowd. I tend to limit my affability with people I'm not familiar with as I wouldn't want to hurt people with my harsh jokes that might be mistaken as rudeness. I can be the loudest among my friends but the quietest among people I'm not comfortable with. It happens all the time that sometimes confuse other people. After all, you are what your friends are or vice versa. It is true as people tend to label someone based on the group of people they hang out with. Not to say I worry so much on what people might think of me, but at least I want to have the good impression of choices I made. As for now, I can proudly say I'm with the right group of friends even though we might sound very rude to each other but deep inside we know we love each other better than the jokes we made of each other. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

I've waited for fucking 5 years or more I can't tell but why can't I stop? this is ridiculous yet inevitable. Nothing makes sense anymore. 


I've been trying to find things that would make me feel better most of the times. But shit happens all the time. I don't know if it is only me or life has decided to be difficult lately. I sometimes beg for my personal space but sometimes being alone makes it harder for me to think sensibly. I don't know what went wrong or where it started but I am turning into something I've been trying to avoid. Oh well I have always been a negative person so what's new huh. 

I'm starting to think that there will be no happiness for me as the future I'm seeing now is all about me building my own life. it's like I've developed a selfish behaviour if that's what people call it nowadays. All I'm planning now is to travel from one places to another on my own, to own a place on my own with my own attic bedroom and to achieve life goals on my own. It seems that own is my new favorite word and I can't help it but to build more on my own. See what I'm trying to say? Ha ha

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Can I meet this person, please?

"I was in a bad relationship pattern where I ended up being with people that were not the best for me, didn’t bring out the best in me, didn’t allow me to truly be myself and I realized it was time to just say Goodbye. It was a real moment for me where I realized I couldn’t truly love anyone unless I loved myself."

-Who is Fancy-

How can I possibly disagree to this such amazing statement. Been there, done that. I know exactly what it feels like to be with someone who wishes you to not be any better than him/herself. These type of people that will eventually cause the biggest regret in your life when you're finally come to your senses that you shouldn't have allowed him/her to downgrade the quality of your life. Life is a journey and to each person, we have different journey. You're supposed to be with someone who pushes you to be better not the opposite way. Until I am gifted by Allah with this kind of person, I'll learn to love myself first. Nuff said.

Friday, March 20, 2015


You don't always get to see me excited over things, but this time I am BEYOND EXCITED ! That's true, I am thrilled the moment I read the article on Liverpool's coming to Malaysia. I have been a loyal Liverpool supporter I must say. Thru ups and downs, I had supported them and will continue to support them anytime of any year. So knowing that they are coming, really brighten up my whole day at the office and put a big smile on my face ignoring the fact that I wouldn't be able to spend too much on the ticket since I'm on the state where I need money for other expenses as well. But oh well, I must not miss their visit this year as I have missed their previous inaugural visit to Malaysia in 2011. What do you expect, I was just a money-less kid back then, which I still am T.T Anyway, I hope to see Lallana, Markovic, Emre Can and yes Countinho and the rest of the team to be here in Malaysia. I am aware that Gerrard won't be able to join which breaks my heart the most but he will always be my fav guy in football context. 

Did I tell you why I first supported Liverpool? No? Okay, it was Gerrard. He was the reason I started to watch Liverpool and continued watching other football matches from EPL to FIFA and next to other leagues where Liverpool was in. Maybe it was his passion that driven me into football world. It gives me some kind of chill on the back of my neck whenever I see him score during the matches, when he assists his teammates or during penalty.shoot. It has always been Gerrard's determination and his refusal to back off from all the matches he played and lead even when at the verge of losing, that kept Liverpool to push further.

It's impossible to deny the fact that Gerrard is a tremendous as both captain and player of Liverpool. Unlike other star players, he never leave his club behind even when he had many chances to leave the club for other big clubs in different league. I believe, as a person, he is such a sweet heart. You can tell by the way he treats his teammates and also his supporters. I believe most of the Liverpool's supporters came because they were attracted with Gerrard. Who would have thought a decent guy like Gerrard will become a big name in his career? To be honest, I did think so !

I foresee Liverpool will never be the same without Gerrard, I mean it in a neutral way. He will surely be missed by everyone not only Liverpool's supporters. Sigh, it breaks a little part of my heart to see someone else wearing the captain's band instead of my favorite boy. During the second half of the previous game (Swansea), when Henderson handed Gerrard the captain's band, it totally caught me with teary eyed. Whathehell? I know right? but that was what happened when things involve Gerrard. Man, I have soft spot for this guy ! If only there is a way for me to meet him face to face/personally. God, please grant me the the chance to meet Gerrard ! 

#StevenG #StevieG #YNWA #LFC #StevenGerrard 

Few things you'll have to go thru when taking the public transport?

Well basically this post will somehow be my insight on what it feels like to take public transport. Most probably, some of the users never experience what I experienced and for those who can relate, I feel you girl ! In my context, I'll elaborate more on the train or to be specific, KTM. I would say KTM is the most convenient and affordable among all public transportation, but I rather not to say that because it is obviously will be me, lying. Well they could be, but unfortunately KTM is far from that. Yes it is affordable and supposed to be convenient but out of the hundred times of my experiences taking the KTM, that statement can only be applied once or twice. Anyway, lets not delve into such matters now tho, as I'm here just to share few things regular KTM-ers like me will have to put up with everyday. Every morning I'll go to work via KTM because I dont have much choice. I get to see different people and personalities vary from one to another which sometimes entertain me. So yeah, lets just go further deep :

1. The typical pusher
In this case, I literally mean the pusher as in those who rush or push people just to get in the train first. These people will wait for no one, let alone to wait for people coming out of the train, which eventually will always cause congestion at the entrance and make the crowd push even harder. For a helpless person like me, I always end up squeezed between the other passengers. Haih, no wonder I always smell so bad.

2. The f****** grossful 
Can you imagine the dilemma between trying to keep yourself balance and not wanting to touch any parts of the train because apparently most parts are contaminated with either sweats or boogers, I mean seriously, I would rather awkwardly balance my stand than have to touch all those filthy things. Yucks, that's right, it happens in KTM. 

3. Weirdosssss
If you never seen a real life freak or weirdo, you should try to take the KTM sometimes. It can be quite creepy and funny at the same time, to be honest. I always try to ignore these people but I just can't. They always grab my attention especially when my phone is running out of battery. You'll get to see people talking to themselves (well thats actually not weird, but since I do that all the time and people called me weird for that, then I guess it is weird), criminal looking people, people who breath directly in my face (which I hate the most !!), unshaven armpits, and bla bla many more. I hope people don't see me as the train weirdo as well. lulz

4. Minah with long 'hair' 
By hair, I mean the one on their armpit !!Ergh disgusting. How could you let people see that horrendous part of yours publicly? Aren't you ashamed of your unshaven amrpit? Or they really have no idea that their armpit is showing? I was traumatized when I accidentally looked at the awful view and I still am whenever I see the same view. If they were my friends, I would have deliver them the message thru their birthday gift which will be a shaver, electric one, so they can use it more than once. 

5. The most typical yet still standing strong in the chart, the selfish prick
You know that obvious look of someone when they are trying to avoid any eye contact or trying to not make any big moves so that people won't notice them. Yes, that happens all the time in KTM. Mostly when a person pretends not to look because they refuse to give up their seat for the elderly. Some will pretend  to sleep, while some will stare blankly onto the floor as if they are trying to penetrate the floor. Yeah. Same goes to those 'hard to move' bitjches that refuse to go further in and causing the crowd to focus at the entrance which always blocking the way in and out. Ergh.

6. Minah kelam kabut 
These are the people that will shout "EXCUSE ME MY STATION" even before the train stops. There this one time, a girl left me with no choice except to push her away and give her a 'that' look. She started pushing people harshly one station away from her stop, and by the time she reached near me, she shouted "move, my station!" and my reflect answer was "excuse me, if there is anywhere to move I would and I'm off at the next station as well fyi" completed with my sarcastic glance. Luckily she understood me and waited until we both able to get off the train peacefully. 

Well actually there are more but I would just post the first 6 on my list for now. Shall come back for more updated list. Yeaa as if anyone is anticipated to read my updates. Till then..

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sometimes, pain that makes you go stronger. Pain is inevitable, whenever you're trying to do the right thing and you fail, you'll feel the pain. Getting your heart broken, that is also pain. When you accidentally kick the corner of your bed with your toe, that's another kind of pain. But pain is pain. What I'm trying to say here is you'll somehow need to feel pain in order to grow up. The older you get, the harder you'll feel the pain. Sooner or later, your feelings will be dead or maybe gone. You'll left with only depression. That is if you let the pain overtake you, but as an adult, you need to realize, pain can be control. I'm not trying to sound like a real wise one but well at least I've been there done that and my method worked out well for me. So here I am trying to give suggestion to other people in a hope I can offer them some help. When I was left broken hearted, I chose to become heartless. Ignored all the feelings I had and just move on. At first, it wasn't easy because all the feelings you had suddenly need to be thrown away just like that. I didn't want to let my sadness consumed me so the only choice I had, was to be strong. It helps me to get thru the days, acted like nothing happened. No, I was not pretending but I gave myself a chance to get thru the pain in a positive way. Of course the positivity came from the people I hangout with and all the activities I did. I didn't talk much about the pain, tried hard not to remember the story. Well, its true, the more you talk about it, the more it will bother you. So I decided not to talk much about it but only to some point when I couldn't keep it anymore. People will break your heart and you somehow will break others' heart too. That's just life. You can never keep yourself happy all the time and you can never satisfy people all the time. For time being, I'm making plans for myself. Going solo or maybe with few close friends. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


"Tak apa Allah kan ada"

Probably the most soothing thing to hear coming out from anyone's mouth when you tell them about your problems. I am no longer able to cope with the things that keep on linger in my head. They bother me a lot and starting to steal my happiness and positivity away. In other word, I'm about to lose my head. 

From one problem to another. Different days, different rejections. Yes you can say I am fear of rejection. In this point of life, rejections come in many forms. From rejection comes disappointment. Growing up as me, I am fear to be too excited for something that is yet to be mine as I've been thru a lot of disappointment. Whenever I am super excited for 90% of my success, there you go, catastrophe ! Everything goes to waste. Well not to sound pathetic but I am pretty sure a lot of things have been trying to pull me down lately. To be honest, I am on the edge of breaking down. If it is not because of my family and closest friends, I would have been down in the drain right now. 

I have so many plans in life that require me to do a lot of adjustment with my current life. I have become an indecisive person that I often doubt myself whenever it involves decision making. Oh man, I can't even trust myself with decision for myself, my own self? I always end up asking opinion from other people when I am already decided for myself just to reconfirm my decision. Sometimes I have a lot to think about at once but sometimes there is nothing inside my head. Everything usually turns blank and unconsciously I'll be staring on empty spaces. I hate it when it happens, but most of the time I can't control myself. The usual way I'll do to comfort myself is to talk back to myself. Well basically, my life revolves around me and about me. wow, I am such a me person am I? 

For now, I just wanna get things done and over with. This is too much for me. ergh kbai. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Plain Najmie is plain

Truth to be told, I am the most plain boring person on earth. Who would wanna date someone plain right? Not that I'm complaining, but I'm just saying that I am not fun to be with. Maybe that is why people tend to enjoy my company only for a while. While my expectation is high on people, I am always left disappointed. I hate being surrounded with people but at the same time I hate people leaving me alone. I am sorry for being such a complicated child. 

I could cry buckets but still no one will ever understand me. Can't people just like someone for who that person really is. As how unattractive he/she may be, oh well at least that person is being him/herself. It's sad that I'm living in the world with poor mentality that prefer looks over personality. Not that I want to point myself as a person with good personality, but you might want to know me first before judging me based on my look. Most of the time I choose to go out with wearing only big t-shirt and my faded jeans with a cap. If that is not the most comfortable clothes, I don't know what else will. But in different time of the day, I tend to wear something presentable. Some styles I would call classic but not too classic. I wish I can spend more money on clothes to prove to everyone what money could do and change you. 

I hate to be in a competition that I have no chance of winning. I mean, if I were to compete with other girls out there, they will definitely thrash the hell out of me. I can't dance. I can't make cute gestures (eww?) I can't stare people in the eye. I don't know how to be or look attractive. But I can make you laugh? I mean if that even count? or maybe I can just annoy you the whole day? Why the hell am I promoting myself anyway? okay this is getting overwritten. nuff now. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

She is how you treat her....

In my honest opinion, girls don't need you boys to buy her all the fancy stuffs. But once you have spoiled her and suddenly stop giving, that is when it becomes an issue. It would be nice to receive flowers or small gift once in a while but I believe it does not necessary as frequent as the meeting should be. I mean, it is okay to meet your girl empty handed. If you expect the girl to be okay without getting any gift and not being demanding, don't give her that kind of privilege during the first few months. Same like kids, she'll grow to be like how you treated her. The more you spoil her with stuffs, the more she'll ask for more. To be honest, I never fancy gifts from anyone since I was brought up without getting too much things from my parents. I was only given with what I was supposed to have. Alhamdulillah I grew up just fine. 

I wouldn't mind to spend for myself on my own meal during dates. I am you can say paranoid about people spending on me. Because if a guy wouldn't mind to spend on me, he'll do the same to other girls wouldn't he? That is why I would rather pay for my own meal and not feel special about a guy buying me meal. Sorry if it sounded kinda rude but been there done that, so yeah. I know that trick. 

Too many times I heard guys complaining about how demanding girls are, Oh well, sometimes it is because you're dating someone out of your league. Lets just say, you're dating a rich girl and you expect her to get less than what she is getting from her family? Does that make sense? No it does not. So basically you do understand what I'm trying to say here, don't you? Date someone you'll afford to go out with. Not everyone is demanding and not every girl is going to date you because of what you have. Like me, as long as you're there for me, that would be enough. 


I don't think I can do this any longer. I hate living in denial trying to convince myself that everything is going to be alright when it is not. It has been too long since the last time. I don't want this anymore. I am no longer who I am 5 years ago. Enough is enough I am now ready to move on with my life not wanting to wait anymore. I can barely portray the features since it has been too long. It is nothing like what I have ever imagined. All you had to do was too easy but you blew your chance when you had it. I pushed everyone away because I gave too many chances. Yes, I am sure you'll understand this. No one will ever understand this but you surely will. Because I am writing this to point this to none other. Torn and tired. I am being obvious now and using all the easy words to make you understand. If only I had the courage to delete everything related, things would be easier. Now I am laughing to myself for being such an idiot. But fret not, now that I have figured it out, I'll no longer need this shit. I'm out not for short while but forever. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sorry I have not write much lately (an apology to myself)...I have run out of ideas what to write or maybe because too much things are happening lately, I don't know which to write first. Well basically, life has been amazing. Alhamdulillah my 2014 was not that bad and 2015 started very well with good people and good food. Oh yea, anyway, I ate a lot lately. I don't know what has got into me, but I ate like a lot of lot. My food enthusiasm has grown larger since 2015 started. I know it has only been three days, but really, no kidding..I ATE A LOT. and by a lot I mean a lot. Usually I only care to eat once a day but now I can eat brunch, then lunch, then tea time, then dinner and it does not end there....and finally supper. Please don't be surprise if you see the different me after this. Maybe I'll grow bigger any day from now. And I don't even go for exercise. Most of the time I'll be on my bed lying lifelessly or I'll be looking inside the fridge for foods. Most of my money spent on food and more food. Maybe I eat in a small portion, but still it costs me as much as the normal portion. Other than loving food, not much to tell tho I have been facing many dramas I must say, my life is perfectly normal with normal people around me. Although they are a bit crazy but crazy is normal to me. so yeah. Bye for now.

wandering mind

As usual, when you are trying to get some rest, your mind will try to take control and affect your emotions. It is something out out your control. It happens to me every single night. This explains why I am always a late sleeper. But no not today, today I'll write about something different. About how old-fashioned I actually am. Truth to be told, I prefer getting letters, cards or anything hand written by someone. For me, it actually shows how much effort you have to show to someone. Because sending letters is the best thing to tell someone anything without getting any limit. Most of the time, it will also involves emotions as you write personally to the person that might means a lot to you. It is something tangible and something that could last forever if it is given to the right person. Letters create a connection in a more personal way in which can't be done through text messages or any modern communication medium. In other word, it can hardly be replaced. For me, I used to write letters to many people I would call pen-pal (when was the last time you heard this word? ikr !) in different places. Some are even those who live in US and also England. People I knew through Myspace or from sports day (my school invite international team once a year to our school btw). It was the best feeling ever getting letters with your name on it. But somehow, one time everyone stopped sending letters to each other and I no longer write letters. Sad, I know. Nowadays, the closest letter people would possibly get is only warning letter (not funny? sorry..at least I tried). I just wish that people would still give me letters or birthday cards, that would be lovely. Only then I can stop spending so much time trying to develop my relationship with people through phones. lol.