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Monday, January 19, 2015

She is how you treat her....

In my honest opinion, girls don't need you boys to buy her all the fancy stuffs. But once you have spoiled her and suddenly stop giving, that is when it becomes an issue. It would be nice to receive flowers or small gift once in a while but I believe it does not necessary as frequent as the meeting should be. I mean, it is okay to meet your girl empty handed. If you expect the girl to be okay without getting any gift and not being demanding, don't give her that kind of privilege during the first few months. Same like kids, she'll grow to be like how you treated her. The more you spoil her with stuffs, the more she'll ask for more. To be honest, I never fancy gifts from anyone since I was brought up without getting too much things from my parents. I was only given with what I was supposed to have. Alhamdulillah I grew up just fine. 

I wouldn't mind to spend for myself on my own meal during dates. I am you can say paranoid about people spending on me. Because if a guy wouldn't mind to spend on me, he'll do the same to other girls wouldn't he? That is why I would rather pay for my own meal and not feel special about a guy buying me meal. Sorry if it sounded kinda rude but been there done that, so yeah. I know that trick. 

Too many times I heard guys complaining about how demanding girls are, Oh well, sometimes it is because you're dating someone out of your league. Lets just say, you're dating a rich girl and you expect her to get less than what she is getting from her family? Does that make sense? No it does not. So basically you do understand what I'm trying to say here, don't you? Date someone you'll afford to go out with. Not everyone is demanding and not every girl is going to date you because of what you have. Like me, as long as you're there for me, that would be enough. 

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