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Saturday, January 3, 2015

wandering mind

As usual, when you are trying to get some rest, your mind will try to take control and affect your emotions. It is something out out your control. It happens to me every single night. This explains why I am always a late sleeper. But no not today, today I'll write about something different. About how old-fashioned I actually am. Truth to be told, I prefer getting letters, cards or anything hand written by someone. For me, it actually shows how much effort you have to show to someone. Because sending letters is the best thing to tell someone anything without getting any limit. Most of the time, it will also involves emotions as you write personally to the person that might means a lot to you. It is something tangible and something that could last forever if it is given to the right person. Letters create a connection in a more personal way in which can't be done through text messages or any modern communication medium. In other word, it can hardly be replaced. For me, I used to write letters to many people I would call pen-pal (when was the last time you heard this word? ikr !) in different places. Some are even those who live in US and also England. People I knew through Myspace or from sports day (my school invite international team once a year to our school btw). It was the best feeling ever getting letters with your name on it. But somehow, one time everyone stopped sending letters to each other and I no longer write letters. Sad, I know. Nowadays, the closest letter people would possibly get is only warning letter (not funny? sorry..at least I tried). I just wish that people would still give me letters or birthday cards, that would be lovely. Only then I can stop spending so much time trying to develop my relationship with people through phones. lol. 

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