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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Can I meet this person, please?

"I was in a bad relationship pattern where I ended up being with people that were not the best for me, didn’t bring out the best in me, didn’t allow me to truly be myself and I realized it was time to just say Goodbye. It was a real moment for me where I realized I couldn’t truly love anyone unless I loved myself."

-Who is Fancy-

How can I possibly disagree to this such amazing statement. Been there, done that. I know exactly what it feels like to be with someone who wishes you to not be any better than him/herself. These type of people that will eventually cause the biggest regret in your life when you're finally come to your senses that you shouldn't have allowed him/her to downgrade the quality of your life. Life is a journey and to each person, we have different journey. You're supposed to be with someone who pushes you to be better not the opposite way. Until I am gifted by Allah with this kind of person, I'll learn to love myself first. Nuff said.

Friday, March 20, 2015


You don't always get to see me excited over things, but this time I am BEYOND EXCITED ! That's true, I am thrilled the moment I read the article on Liverpool's coming to Malaysia. I have been a loyal Liverpool supporter I must say. Thru ups and downs, I had supported them and will continue to support them anytime of any year. So knowing that they are coming, really brighten up my whole day at the office and put a big smile on my face ignoring the fact that I wouldn't be able to spend too much on the ticket since I'm on the state where I need money for other expenses as well. But oh well, I must not miss their visit this year as I have missed their previous inaugural visit to Malaysia in 2011. What do you expect, I was just a money-less kid back then, which I still am T.T Anyway, I hope to see Lallana, Markovic, Emre Can and yes Countinho and the rest of the team to be here in Malaysia. I am aware that Gerrard won't be able to join which breaks my heart the most but he will always be my fav guy in football context. 

Did I tell you why I first supported Liverpool? No? Okay, it was Gerrard. He was the reason I started to watch Liverpool and continued watching other football matches from EPL to FIFA and next to other leagues where Liverpool was in. Maybe it was his passion that driven me into football world. It gives me some kind of chill on the back of my neck whenever I see him score during the matches, when he assists his teammates or during penalty.shoot. It has always been Gerrard's determination and his refusal to back off from all the matches he played and lead even when at the verge of losing, that kept Liverpool to push further.

It's impossible to deny the fact that Gerrard is a tremendous as both captain and player of Liverpool. Unlike other star players, he never leave his club behind even when he had many chances to leave the club for other big clubs in different league. I believe, as a person, he is such a sweet heart. You can tell by the way he treats his teammates and also his supporters. I believe most of the Liverpool's supporters came because they were attracted with Gerrard. Who would have thought a decent guy like Gerrard will become a big name in his career? To be honest, I did think so !

I foresee Liverpool will never be the same without Gerrard, I mean it in a neutral way. He will surely be missed by everyone not only Liverpool's supporters. Sigh, it breaks a little part of my heart to see someone else wearing the captain's band instead of my favorite boy. During the second half of the previous game (Swansea), when Henderson handed Gerrard the captain's band, it totally caught me with teary eyed. Whathehell? I know right? but that was what happened when things involve Gerrard. Man, I have soft spot for this guy ! If only there is a way for me to meet him face to face/personally. God, please grant me the the chance to meet Gerrard ! 

#StevenG #StevieG #YNWA #LFC #StevenGerrard 

Few things you'll have to go thru when taking the public transport?

Well basically this post will somehow be my insight on what it feels like to take public transport. Most probably, some of the users never experience what I experienced and for those who can relate, I feel you girl ! In my context, I'll elaborate more on the train or to be specific, KTM. I would say KTM is the most convenient and affordable among all public transportation, but I rather not to say that because it is obviously will be me, lying. Well they could be, but unfortunately KTM is far from that. Yes it is affordable and supposed to be convenient but out of the hundred times of my experiences taking the KTM, that statement can only be applied once or twice. Anyway, lets not delve into such matters now tho, as I'm here just to share few things regular KTM-ers like me will have to put up with everyday. Every morning I'll go to work via KTM because I dont have much choice. I get to see different people and personalities vary from one to another which sometimes entertain me. So yeah, lets just go further deep :

1. The typical pusher
In this case, I literally mean the pusher as in those who rush or push people just to get in the train first. These people will wait for no one, let alone to wait for people coming out of the train, which eventually will always cause congestion at the entrance and make the crowd push even harder. For a helpless person like me, I always end up squeezed between the other passengers. Haih, no wonder I always smell so bad.

2. The f****** grossful 
Can you imagine the dilemma between trying to keep yourself balance and not wanting to touch any parts of the train because apparently most parts are contaminated with either sweats or boogers, I mean seriously, I would rather awkwardly balance my stand than have to touch all those filthy things. Yucks, that's right, it happens in KTM. 

3. Weirdosssss
If you never seen a real life freak or weirdo, you should try to take the KTM sometimes. It can be quite creepy and funny at the same time, to be honest. I always try to ignore these people but I just can't. They always grab my attention especially when my phone is running out of battery. You'll get to see people talking to themselves (well thats actually not weird, but since I do that all the time and people called me weird for that, then I guess it is weird), criminal looking people, people who breath directly in my face (which I hate the most !!), unshaven armpits, and bla bla many more. I hope people don't see me as the train weirdo as well. lulz

4. Minah with long 'hair' 
By hair, I mean the one on their armpit !!Ergh disgusting. How could you let people see that horrendous part of yours publicly? Aren't you ashamed of your unshaven amrpit? Or they really have no idea that their armpit is showing? I was traumatized when I accidentally looked at the awful view and I still am whenever I see the same view. If they were my friends, I would have deliver them the message thru their birthday gift which will be a shaver, electric one, so they can use it more than once. 

5. The most typical yet still standing strong in the chart, the selfish prick
You know that obvious look of someone when they are trying to avoid any eye contact or trying to not make any big moves so that people won't notice them. Yes, that happens all the time in KTM. Mostly when a person pretends not to look because they refuse to give up their seat for the elderly. Some will pretend  to sleep, while some will stare blankly onto the floor as if they are trying to penetrate the floor. Yeah. Same goes to those 'hard to move' bitjches that refuse to go further in and causing the crowd to focus at the entrance which always blocking the way in and out. Ergh.

6. Minah kelam kabut 
These are the people that will shout "EXCUSE ME MY STATION" even before the train stops. There this one time, a girl left me with no choice except to push her away and give her a 'that' look. She started pushing people harshly one station away from her stop, and by the time she reached near me, she shouted "move, my station!" and my reflect answer was "excuse me, if there is anywhere to move I would and I'm off at the next station as well fyi" completed with my sarcastic glance. Luckily she understood me and waited until we both able to get off the train peacefully. 

Well actually there are more but I would just post the first 6 on my list for now. Shall come back for more updated list. Yeaa as if anyone is anticipated to read my updates. Till then..