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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Can I meet this person, please?

"I was in a bad relationship pattern where I ended up being with people that were not the best for me, didn’t bring out the best in me, didn’t allow me to truly be myself and I realized it was time to just say Goodbye. It was a real moment for me where I realized I couldn’t truly love anyone unless I loved myself."

-Who is Fancy-

How can I possibly disagree to this such amazing statement. Been there, done that. I know exactly what it feels like to be with someone who wishes you to not be any better than him/herself. These type of people that will eventually cause the biggest regret in your life when you're finally come to your senses that you shouldn't have allowed him/her to downgrade the quality of your life. Life is a journey and to each person, we have different journey. You're supposed to be with someone who pushes you to be better not the opposite way. Until I am gifted by Allah with this kind of person, I'll learn to love myself first. Nuff said.

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