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Monday, July 20, 2015

Bros over...

Nothing matters the most than the people you are surrounded with. It is important to know who to keep and who to let go in life. I've met many kinds of people which taught me so many things throughout the knowing process. There were bad ones and good ones. I learnt to embrace both kindness and evil in people I've associated with. Most importantly, knowing these people made me realized that people aren't always who they are based on what they wear but instead you'll know people better by communicate and see based on the words that came out of their mouth. You'll never know how a person is until you sit in the same table and make jokes together. I am always the talkative one compared to other people. But I am very selective with the person I talk to in any crowd because I can talk to anyone but I choose not to since I prefer smaller crowd. I tend to limit my affability with people I'm not familiar with as I wouldn't want to hurt people with my harsh jokes that might be mistaken as rudeness. I can be the loudest among my friends but the quietest among people I'm not comfortable with. It happens all the time that sometimes confuse other people. After all, you are what your friends are or vice versa. It is true as people tend to label someone based on the group of people they hang out with. Not to say I worry so much on what people might think of me, but at least I want to have the good impression of choices I made. As for now, I can proudly say I'm with the right group of friends even though we might sound very rude to each other but deep inside we know we love each other better than the jokes we made of each other. 

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