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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Travelling 101 with dummy me

Nothing is both as rewarding and tiring as travelling to places you have never been before. The feeling of wanting to find the place that could cater you the most and the fear of facing the unwanted situations. From when to book everything for the best deals to how to travel like a local, these things you shouldn't miss. There were few things I managed to adopt during my solo journey to the UK and Europe. Oh how I miss the freedom I had. It felt like I owned all the time in the world and every steps I took was another experience I learnt. Travelling all by yourself might seem daunting at first, but that is when you have the chance to really immerse yourself with the places you go and the different cultures you see. I've met people from different sides of the world, learnt differences in cultures and had amazing experiences by travelling on my own. I don't want to sound arrogant but I would prefer to travel alone again, someday. So I came out with my own dummy list of what and how to nail a solo trip:

  • Always travel with your hoodie
You might think it is less important than the rest but you never know how it could save your life (maybe a bit too exaggerating but really, bring at least one).

  • Be bold
Never hesitate to follow hunch when going to places. It's okay to take into account of all the possible risks but that doesn't mean it should stop you from getting to the place you want. Beat that uncertainty with the courage and the curiosity you have, then you won't believe the places you can actually travel to.

  • Never stop asking
In dealing with strange places, places you are not familiar with, never ever think you can handle the place on your own. Be mindful that you are not in your comfort zone and these people won't help you if you yourself don't make the effort to reach these people for help. I reminded myself so many times during my trip to always ask people around me for directions and for recommendations Alhamdulillah I covered all places I wanted to go with minor difficulties.

  • Keep extra cash hidden
Never keep your money stash all in one place. Segregate your cash in different bags or if possible use your shoes to hide your money. In case of emergency, you won't  be left cashless. Remember to activate your international visa for travelling as it could help you in case you have insufficient cash. On top of all, hide your money where they are conceal from the public knowledge. Places people would never think of (perv meme). 

  • Roll your clothes
Yes! Roll your clothes instead of fold them. You'll be surprised with the bigger space you can have in your luggage. Squeeze all your things in between the  clothes. By doing that, you'll only need one bag to fit all your necessaries. 

  • Use transparent plastic bag
When travelling via airplane, not to say compulsory but preferably to put all your liquids in a transparent plastic bag. It will help you to get smoother transit from the security to the waiting room. You don't want to be delayed for not passing through the security checkpoint simply because of bringing your deodorant. 

  • Utilize your time wisely
Start your day as early as the sunrise. You'll find your time insufficient if you waste it in your bed. Different places have different timings. Follow the local time and you shall not wake up in the middle of others' sleeping time. Go out, explore the places early and spend the whole day out from your room. Only go back when the clock hits the night time. That's how you beat the jet lag. I can confidently say that, not once I had trouble sleeping when I was on my solo trip. I went out the same time everyone was out for work and I got back before it was dark. 

  • Paranoid kills
Be wary of the strangers but never let your paranoia gets in you. If you let that uneasy feelings linger in your head, it won't help you to travel safely. Instead, it will only low you down and gets you no where. Aware of your surroundings and walk confidently, if possible, act like a local. Never show the wondering face and never use an obvious map when you're alone. The chances of getting cheated is higher.

Well, I've listed maybe not all but most of the travelling tips I could recall. I hope these tips can be applied and helpful to everyone who plans to go for their first solo trip. Last but not least, never defer when the urge of travelling suddenly hits you. Start saving, put aside extra cash for the plan and InsyaAllah, you'll make it. Share me some tips I might not know here! 

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